Addiction and Carceral Trauma

You are not alone


I love him/her, but he/she loves alcohol more.  Addiction affects more than just an individual, it affects the entire family unit. Often times family members find themselves dancing around the addiction, treading lightly, and not fully being themselves. Becoming a master at avoiding upset and keeping the calm.


If you need support and help to have some difficult conversations with a loved one struggling with addiction, I can help. 


Carceral Trauma

"I just don’t know who they are anymore after years of being in prison." The prison system affects the entire family. Many families are left wondering why did this happen and where do we go from here? Whether it is dealing with sentencing and its ramifications for the family, or facing the challenges of reintegrating to 'normal' life - families are left adrift and often lacking specific guidance and help. Communication is vital for family members affected by Carceral Trauma.

In concert with The Decarceration Collective, I am dedicated to removing the social and emotional obstacles to successful reentry to life for the recently released. Through my work with the board of TDC, I have gained unique experience and can offer insight and guidance to the de-institutionalized and their families who would like to some help finding their footing and reclaiming their life.

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