Individual Therapy

You deserve to heal

If you’re ready for positive change and personal growth, ready to let go of self defeating patterns and get unstuck, then I am ready to work with you and help you through the process in a way that respects your cultural needs and preferences. My personal and professional experiences have taught me that it's vitally important to approach therapy in a manner that incorporates your culture and experience of multiculturalism from a place of acceptance and understanding.


Individual therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and are a time and place that allow you to be heard. In a one-on-one setting, we address those concerns that are most important to you. For those who can not make it to in-person sessions, I offer Teletherapy (online) services. 

Family Therapy

Rebuild trust and improve communication

Family dynamics evolve over time, change is the constant. Relationships are complex and communication can break down. Instead of fighting with each other, fight for something better. Airing difficulties and addressing fundamental root causes can make a world of difference.

Difficult Family Systems

"We just do things a little differently." There is nothing wrong with doing things differently, until there is. Often times actions and responses that worked before no longer work as the family unit is growing, changing, or evolving. Whether it is dealing with new parental roles, a parentified child, or family transitions and identity shifts, come in, let’s talk about it.

Marital Discord

"It's him." "It's her." "It's me." "It's us." We often get defensive and play the blame game so much that we stop understanding each other. Miscommunication can leave you feeling unheard and unappreciated. Tools that help us to remember how to listen and communicate in an effective way are so important. It's my job to help you learn the tools and use the skills that will improve communication and reduce resentment.

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