Online psychotherapy and consultation services for individuals confronting change and transition.

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Life is full of changes.

I know, change is hard.

Hello, my name is Dr. Cody​ and I help individuals work through anxiety and discomfort that comes from change and transition. Together we face your fears, deconstruct your challenges, define their new identity, and rebuild your belief in yourself.

Change can bring about many feelings and emotions that we need help processing. Life events that some have found it helpful to have a therapist to walk with them along the way include:

  • loss of a loved one 

  • unplanned family or financial changes; 

  • loss of a job or relationship, or start a new one; 

  • moving to a new city in the same state, different state, or even the other side of the world,

  • or, simply dealing with the uncertainty of the future.

My goal is not only to help you work through difficult times, but help you to thrive on the other side and be who you aspire to be. 

Are you ready for your journey to begin?

Therapy from your couch​

In my practice, clients lead the way - I firmly believe that we are own best advocate and expert in our lives. At times, we just need guidance in unlocking our best selves.


Transportation, location, stigma, or your mood should not prevent you from receiving good quality psychotherapy services. Even if you can not sit with me in person, Teletherapy (online) sessions offer a safe space for you to be vulnerable, honest, and heard from a setting that is ideal for you. 




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